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Mestrado em Engenharia Civil

Gidewon Tekeste, Eritrea, IST-ID/LNEC, Portugal - MSc. in Civil Engineering

“My goal as a master student of Civil Engineering at IST was to equip myself with practical knowledge and hone my soft skills.  That was exactly what I got, a faculty replete with excellent, friendly, and supportive people. That vigour was an inspiration for me.”

Katherine Cozer von Staa, Brazil, ARC ingeniería, Spain - MSc. in Civil Engineering

“Técnico goes beyond a university where you acquire knowledge: it makes you go beyond what you thought was your limit; makes you learn to harmonize life in all aspects; makes you see that you are more capable than you think. Técnico prepares you to become a great professional!”

Kai-Julian Hendler, South Africa/German, Boley Geotechnik GmbH, German - MSc. in Civil Engineering

“It was overall a great time in which I learnt a lot. I also feel like I got prepared well for the challenges that I have faced since starting working in the civil engineering industry.”